Featured Artist | Zhiwei Pan

Featured Artist Zhiwei Pan | Beaverton, ORhttps://www.zhiweipan.com@painterpann My work is a reflection of my culture, based on love and contemporary youth’s emotion. All of the elements combine toward the ultimate end of expressing the inner poetry of my subjects. Wonderful hue matching and emotions on the canvas. I learned Chinese Calligraphy and Landscape painting when […]

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Featured Artist | Hildy Maze

Hildy Maze is an American artist with Turkish, Russian, Austrian heritage. Born in Brooklyn, NY she received a BFA from Pratt Institute. For years, Hildy lived and worked in her loft in Tribeca, NYC before moving to East Hampton, NY where she currently works and lives.

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Featured Artist | Blair Treuer

Featured Artist Blair Treuer | Bemidji, MNhttp://www.blairtreuer.com/ I am a self taught textile artist and my work is an exploration into the role Ojibwe traditional cultural practices and beliefs plays in shaping the way my family sees itself collectively, the role it takes in shaping the personal identities of my husband and my nine children, […]

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Featured Artist | Dalit Fresco

Every time I stop at a red light, and there are no cars around, I think to myself: why can’t I just go? I usually don’t.

But when I paint, I feel free to break the rules, like leaving a big empty space undone, showing a child dangling without shoes, using the wrong colors, edges not perfectly straight.

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Featured Artist | Magdalena Wozniak Melissourgaki

Mandalena Wozniak Melissourgaki was born in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland but now she lives and works in Crete, Greece. From an early age, it was obvious that her biggest love is painting and she started participate to a lot of art competitions. She studied Fine Art at the Warsaw School of Art and then went on to get another degree in Multimedia Graphics. Trained in graphics art, she does illustrations, book covers, art installation and animation. A self-motivated and passionate artist, she paints in a variety of mediums- oils, pastels, charcoals, and works on various creative projects.

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Featured Artist | Robert Frankel

I was always fascinated with the idea that colors can have an effect on our emotional, physical and mental states. Examples of this can be found in the expressions, “Seeing Red” or “Having the Blues.” I like to use bright bold colors set against each other in a geometric structure to create positive energy and motion. Its difficult to focus on a single point in my paintings without wanting to wander around the canvas.

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Featured Artist | Ira Upin

The two constants in my work have been the narrative and the intensity of the visual. I want the viewer to be intoxicated and perplexed by how I make my paintings and intrigued by the stories I’m trying to tell. I’m interested in human dynamics whether they be social, political, or emotional.

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