Featured Artist | Robert Frankel

I was always fascinated with the idea that colors can have an effect on our emotional, physical and mental states. Examples of this can be found in the expressions, “Seeing Red” or “Having the Blues.” I like to use bright bold colors set against each other in a geometric structure to create positive energy and motion. Its difficult to focus on a single point in my paintings without wanting to wander around the canvas.

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Featured Artist | Ondra Mikl

Ondra Mikl (born January 16, 1988 in Brno) is a Czech secondary school teacher, artist, graphic artist and musician. After primary school in Bzenec and education at Business Academy (Information Technology in Economics) in VeselĂ­ nad Moravou he graduated from Teacher Training College Masaryk University, Brno in General Theory and History of Art and Culture.

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