Featured Artist | M Markham

Markham’s work is an embodiment of the independent artistic spirit which finds dark overtones of monsters and uncertainty by taking a surrealist view to explore subjects that many shy away from. An artist and musician from Detroit, Markham shows us the beautiful ugly side of life that has no boundaries. –N. Matta

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Featured Artist | Mary F. Vivo

Featured Artist Mary F. Vivo | Richmond, VA Website Mary F. Vivo was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1951. She attended The Cooper Union School of Art and The School of Visual Arts. Vivo has exhibited in solo and group shows including, most recently, the Iridian Gallery and Artworks Exhibitions in Richmond, VA, the […]

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Featured Artist | Robert Frankel

I was always fascinated with the idea that colors can have an effect on our emotional, physical and mental states. Examples of this can be found in the expressions, “Seeing Red” or “Having the Blues.” I like to use bright bold colors set against each other in a geometric structure to create positive energy and motion. Its difficult to focus on a single point in my paintings without wanting to wander around the canvas.

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Featured Artist | Maysum

Maysum, a renowned multi-media artist the first lipstick sculptor in Asia. Since 2012, her lipstick sculptors first exhibited, her artpieces are still in the tour to exhibit in Asia. In 2014, Maysum also being awarded by 《HudsonMOD Mag》as ‘TOP 100 Most Attention People & Things’. In 2017, her multi-media artpieces and lipstick sculptors were exhibited not only in Asia but also in Europe.In the same year, She was nominated as one of the artists the Fifth Asian Young Artists Nomination Exhibition.

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