Featured Artist | Jon B. Paulsen

Featured Artist Jon B. Paulsen | Oslo, Norwayhttps://www.artrenewal.org/Artist/Index/7440@jonboepaulsen « Being a painter suits me perfectly since I like to be my own master. » “Jon Bøe Paulsen is a prize winning painter from Norway whose neo-realist portraits have gained him international exposure over the last four decades. His introduction into the art world was through […]

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Featured Artist | Kathy Copsey

Featured Artist Kathy Copsey | Camarillo, CAhttps://www.kathycopsey.com@kungfuartist79 “Through the creation of art, one is able to explore one’s passions, perhaps creating inspiration and the drive within others to strive for their own goals.” KS Designs was founded in 2016 by Kathy S. Copsey, a self-taught artist who has been a serious artist for over 32 […]

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Featured Artist | Hildy Maze

Hildy Maze is an American artist with Turkish, Russian, Austrian heritage. Born in Brooklyn, NY she received a BFA from Pratt Institute. For years, Hildy lived and worked in her loft in Tribeca, NYC before moving to East Hampton, NY where she currently works and lives.

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Featured Artist | Blair Treuer

Featured Artist Blair Treuer | Bemidji, MNhttp://www.blairtreuer.com/ I am a self taught textile artist and my work is an exploration into the role Ojibwe traditional cultural practices and beliefs plays in shaping the way my family sees itself collectively, the role it takes in shaping the personal identities of my husband and my nine children, […]

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Featured Artist | Katie Willes

Katie Willes is a self-taught abstract expressionist. Her degree was in Chemistry, but her art education started in museums across Europe. With a passion for art herself, Katie’s mother took her to museums on every vacation and weekend trip during Katie’s teenage years, when Katie’s father was stationed at an Army hospital in Germany. Katie’s love for art continued and she takes her own children to museums in every new city and country they visit.

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