Featured Artist | Mary Webster

My love of art began in my teens drawing ponies,I continued to this day exploring new pathways which can be a wondrous discovery.I have a vast collection of my own distinct, Erotica and now creating Acrylics with great passion to test my imagination to its limits.I love the ease of the paint and flow ,still including my love of the ink pen.Surreal abstract is my interest now and helps keep me grounded.

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Featured Artist | Jose Ramon Muro Pereg

José Ramón Muro, was born in Bilbao in year 1954,

The color has always been surrounding the paint style. Any aspect in the life of a human being has been surrounded by a colourful atmosphere any being could reject. On the other hand, wrapping the color and limiting it by emulating the visible reality it needs of drawing. On the border of hyperrealism, I keep that predilection for drawing and the vanishing points that support the perspective of the canvas. Creative energy needs the observation of the environment, “to see what others do not see”. It can be an obsession which reaches its goals when you discover that image, as well as the inspiration in the environment that surrounds us. I prefer the use of acrylic paint for the topics of urban landscape and from a technical point of view the use of soft brushes which joined with the use of dry extenders, enables to work the paint more accurately.

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Featured Artist | Rebecca Bond

My name is Rebecca Bond. I’ve been creating art since I can remember. Started drawing as a young child and still enjoy it as an adult. Over the last 10 years I’ve tried a few other mediums like Oil and Watercolor. But my favorite is Acrylic. I love the flexibility and also the fact that I can create and move on to my next idea fairly quickly. I am inspired by nature, spirituality, and meditation. I often come up with my best work after a deep meditation. I have no formal art education. My school Is “I try and I do.” I keep working on something till it feels right to me. It’s 100% feeling.

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Featured Artist | Kaetlyn Grogan

Kaetlyn Grogan is a multi-media artist from North Carolina that focuses on realistic pencil drawings. Kaetlyn enjoys using other mediums as well, such as watercolor and colored pencil, and she has added custom wood burnings to her profile in the last year. Although Kaetlyn is a life-long artist, she recently launched Kaetlyn’s Gallery, the online gallery. Kaetlyn’s Gallery has grown into one of the most impressive nature-themed galleries on the east coast. Kaetlyn takes care in inspiring other artists as well by teaching art lessons that focus on the foundations of drawing. The vast array of wildlife in rural North Carolina inspires her to create art that displays the intricate design of nature.

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