Featured Artist | Jon B. Paulsen

Featured Artist

Jon B. Paulsen | Oslo, Norway

« Being a painter suits me perfectly since I like to be my own master. »

“Jon Bøe Paulsen is a prize winning painter from Norway whose neo-realist portraits have gained him international exposure over the last four decades. His introduction into the art world was through theater workshops in high school, where he learned the art of self-control. In the same manner, Paulsen paints to convey single narratives with strong characters, using minimal light and a restricted color palette to let his subject last longer in the eye of the viewer.” Singulart. France

A Clair Obscure Painter I consider myself as an artist belonging to the group of new realists where the human being is looked upon in a new light and painted strongly figurative. The meaning of Clair Obscure, in Italian chiaroscuro, is light in the darkness. That is some of the reasons why I work with plain and few earth colours and very seldom part from that rule unless it is absolutely necessary. To be able to convey a story with one single painting. I’ve never forgot the rules and it was useable in oil, watercolour and charcoal as well. One of them was: “Don’t be too tough with you pencil when you draw. Not too much information when you catch the line. Do not underestimate your audience”. Your art must go in a direction where the photograph cannot follow! Jon Bøe Paulsen. Oslo. Norway

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