Featured Artist | Hildy Maze

Featured Artist

Hildy Maze | East Hampton, NY

Hildy Maze is an American artist with Turkish, Russian, Austrian heritage. Born in Brooklyn, NY she received a BFA from Pratt Institute. For years, Hildy lived and worked in her loft in Tribeca, NYC before moving to East Hampton, NY where she currently works and lives.

Hildy is best known for her abstract contemplative oil on paper drawing, painting collages. In her messy paradise, which is her studio, Hildy explores mind and identity. Through her process of painting, collage, and drawing she intimately describes how our active mind creates collaged patterns of thoughts and emotions as in a dream. If we examine or thoughts, we can see they are fragmented pieces, empty of solidity. “None of us can avoid thoughts,” she says, “but through awareness of our pitfalls, beauty, strengths, and weaknesses we can open windows onto the mind”. The core of her contemplative art practice is to visually embody the blind spots as a result of our thoughts and emotions. She is interested in the study of how the mind works as a means of gaining insight into how we communicate, how we create identity, and how we hide in that creation. She explains that essentially this work is about all of us and the empty, clear and unconditional nature of the mind we all have. When we know the nature of our mind we will know the nature of our world. Hildy’s work is influenced by her study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Her studio floor is covered with a vast tapestry of painted paper—ripped and aged, This, she says allows the process and rhythm of art-making to come more alive with spontaneity and unpredictability. She images what is considered our real emotional self in an unreal world. Or you could say she images our unreal emotions in what we consider a real world. Either way, both are unreal but informative.

Her work has a rugged, earthy, hands-on, living quality. The treatment of the paper lends to it an inherent living quality. A fingerprint, wrinkle, rip, drip, or tear becomes texture and language. An otherwise ordinary, insignificant quality becomes special. These abstract contemplative works were developed with the view that art has the capacity to infuse our experience with awareness of our inherent nature, and, along with their carefully chosen titles, invite viewers to move beyond the boundaries of the image into a more contemplative consideration of mind in relationship to the phenomena of what we consider objective reality. 

Hildy has exhibited her work throughout the U.S. including NYC, Long Island City, Brooklyn, California, Bejing, China. She has won numerous awards and is in several private collections in the U.S, Europe and Asia.

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