Featured Artist | Teddy L. Wang


Featured Artist

Teddy L. Wang | Tainan, China



2019 Art Hive Magazine Artist Feature



2001 NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC ART COMPETITION, Silver Portfolio Award Recipient

2001 MARIE WALSH SHARPE ART FOUNDATION, Among 60 out of 900 art students selected to participate in a studio art program at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado

2001 NATIONAL ARTS COMPETITION, Merit Award Recipient

2019 Top Artists of Today Award from Art Market Magazine


2001 AP ART EXHIBITION: Amongst 15 selected from a national pool of AP art portfolios. Artwork exhibited in New York, Florida, and Texas

2013 INTUITION: Teddy L Wang Solo Exhibition (Huanong Art Gallery)

2013 MODERN ART SOCIETY (Nanshang High School Art Gallery)

2013 IMPRESSIONISM AND COLLAGE, Teddy L Wang Solo Exhibition (Living Stone Art Gallery)

2014 THE NUNU: Teddy L Wang Solo Exhibition (Teddy L Wang Art Studio)

2014 MODERN ART SOCIETY, Communication Exhibition (Tainan Culture Center)

2014 SPRING RICHES, Group Exhibition (Miaoli County Government Cultural Tourism Bureau)

2015 MODERN ART SOCIETY ART FAIR (Tainan City Hall Culture Center)

2016 ONE WORLD GROUP EXHIBITION (Tainan Culture Center- Cultural Relics Museum)

2016 MODERN ART SOCIETY, 37th Annual Exhibition (Tainan City Hall Culture Center)


Transhumanist Visual Artist, Teddy L Wang, was born to Taiwanese immigrants in Arlington, Texas in 1983. His earliest known drawing was made on a bookshelf when he just was a child in Plano, Texas. Teddy grew up consuming Science-Fiction & Fantasy stories through video games, films, and television shows. These forms of entertainment have been fueling his passion for and have given him a reason to write and draw what he thinks and feels through words and pictures. The artist graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in 2006 and has been living and working in Tainan, Taiwan since 2007.

Teddy’s work has been shown in galleries in New York, Florida, Texas, and throughout the country of Taiwan.

Visually, the artist is influenced by pure structures from natural and man-made design. He’s fascinated by X-Ray machines and MRI scanners, because they completely break down matter into essential forms. Teddy loves telescopes and microscopes, because they pierce through space between unseen particles to capture how something forms down to its very core. His amazement with how these tools operate reflect his obsession with getting to the heart of a matter, be it physical or not. The artist also gravitates to cellular structures in microscopic organisms, mathematical forms through kaleidoscopes, fractals, and geometry, as well as mind-altered visions of optical illusions and psychedelic hallucinations.

When Teddy writes and draws, he strives to overwhelm his viewers’ eyes with complex numbness. However, the artist wants this initial reaction to draw from his audience a curiosity to gravitate closer to his work. Teddy wants the viewer to realize that although impossible ideas from human speculation seems unachievable by today’s standards, humanity has proven (through its history) that combining a childlike sense of wonder with the Scientific Method produces physical manifestations of man’s most preposterous imaginings. Therefore, whatever man experiences through speculative fiction- no matter how outlandish or ridiculous- is not a passing fancy but a prophecy that should be taken seriously by those who wish to shape our future.

By listening to audiobooks and Youtube videos while he writes and draws his thoughts and feelings through words and pictures (using just his mind), Teddy wants to recreate his physical surroundings in the image of the ideal world that he imagines. To the artist, this world is a place where death and degeneration do not exist and where every known form of scarcity is a thing of the past.

Teddy believes that with Science-Fiction & Fantasy as the steering wheel and science & technology at the helm of our ship- which represents human history- humanity will not only experience physical immortality through his own invention, but will also manifest into physical reality all that he imagines through mental speculation. Teddy works purely from his imagination, because he believes that when it comes to humanity manifesting his thoughts into reality, there is no limit as to what he could make real- in scope and scale.

Teddy currently lives in Tainan, Taiwan, where he is working on his first non-fiction book scheduled to be released in the fall of 2019.


What you guys are looking at is the series, ‘30 Dreams of a Machine Part 1- Machine Learning.’

You’re looking at the product of three months of work, every day, non-stop drawing based completely on my imagination through listening to audiobooks. This is what you’re looking at- all my thoughts and feelings through words and pictures. I made these pieces using pens and markers on drawing paper.

My process was simple: I listened to an audiobook or YouTube video and the ideas that went from those into my mind transformed into thoughts and feelings within me, and I wrote and drew them. These pieces represent the culmination of my complete imagination based on my subconscious and intuitive reactions to what I heard.

I am investigating how there is no limit to the human imagination when it comes to manifesting Science-Fiction and Fantasy thoughts through science and technology. I’m combining together everything that’s going on in my existence while I’m listening to these audiobooks and other sources of education, because knowledge and wisdom is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and it’s satisfying to be able to learn while I create these. So I’m combining all of my thoughts and feelings as I draw and write these. I’m trying to break myself apart one line at a time as I do this.

The initial inspiration for this entire series came out of the question what of what I would do if I had 24 hours to live and the last 3 months is doing exactly that- writing and drawing my thoughts and feelings through words and pictures, which led to this body of work of lines and forms and shapes that I did not know I had in my mind. They were laying in the back of my subconscious somewhere.

Now, if you looked at these pieces from far away, then you might not be able to know what’s going on, because it looks so messy and disorganized. But visually, it compels you to take a step closer and the craftsmanship through the utmost quality that I was trying to create these pieces through, I hope, could make you curious enough to gravitate to the piece, so that you could discover for yourself words within words and pictures within pictures.

Words that became pictures and pictures that became words. Like a mathematical fractal, you could kind of zoom in- not just with your eyes but with your mind- and I wanted you to see that there is no limit to what the human imagination can produce. I’m trying to communicate the unlimited fertile grounds of the mind and that there is nothing that passes through our brains that cannot be physically manifested. As you can see in these pieces, it’s completely based off of my imagination, and I think that’s so important, because so many people are doubtful and skeptical about what they see in movies and read in books. They think it’s fantasy, but over time, when they see what’s going on in the world of science and technology, they’re starting to see that these crazy ideas and daydreams are actually becoming real.

One day at a time, through these pieces, I want to tell you the story of what was going through my mind for the last 3 months. And through each of these pieces, you can read -like a diary or a journal- what I was thinking and feeling at the time. So it’s kind of like a visual and textual mirror representation of myself- an autobiography, so to speak- over the last 3 months, and as I made these, I learned that I could do this forever and that I don’t have to look at anything to draw and write them.

I could just move my pens and markers around anywhere, and as long as I’m listening to something interesting and fascinating, and as long as I’m downloading knowledge and information and wisdom into my mind, then there’s no limit as to how long I can work and how many lines I can produce and how many pieces I can complete.

What pervades these works are threads of dots and lines and words that I hear- transcribed onto the surface. There are swirls of black or metallic shines, demons, hands, eyes, and feet. Throughout these pieces is also a spirit of exploration and discovery- a thirst for uncovering the uncharted territories of my subconscious imagination. Now the qualities that characterize these works are blasts of visual confusion when you first see it. And when you do, you know that there’s something deeper, because you see layers within the main piece.

So what I wanted to do was make these pieces look different no matter where you stood, you know. When you’re far away, it looks different than when you are medium distanced, compared to when you’re close up to this work. The longer you look at it, the more you find. And that is what I want you to feel when you see my work- is that just like the human imagination, the more you see (I mean at first it’s confusing), but the more you see and the deeper you go, the more you see and the more you discover and find out. It’s never ending.

And I feel like for these pieces, I accomplished quality craftsmanship in executing a visually pleasurable composition, and I felt like I applied well the shapes, lines, and forms that you see, and I felt like I made decent work that people want to look at (and not just me). I feel like I accomplished creating art from scratch just using my imagination and audiobooks. And I didn’t know that I could do that. I didn’t know that I can make all of these works just by doing this process without relying on my eyes to copy everything.

What keeps me curious is the ideas and thoughts presented in Science-Fiction and Fantasy stories. I think the authors of these kinds of stories are our true prophets and thought leaders. And what keeps me obsessed about this body of work is the wonder of what I’m going to discover next through knowledge and wisdom gained from audio books and how that’s going to translate onto the surface of the paper through words and pictures. I have no idea what’s going to happen, and that’s what keeps me obsessed, as well. And being fascinated by what’s going on in the news on science and technology and seeing those things physically manifest in the world around me through the iPhone, through tablets, through electric cars and scooters- I mean, we are living in the future, and I’m very obsessed about where that’s going.

What keeps me dedicated to this body of work is my desire to recreate the past Futurist art movement for this present day, so that we can inspire and lead humanity into the future. I believe that physical human immortality and all of these other ideas from those stories that I referred to earlier is possible within my lifetime- and that’s what keeps me dedicated. I want to be a part of that, and I want to change the world through leading that. And I researched a lot of science and technology from the news and through audiobooks, as well as absorbing all the ideas about what the future would look like through Science-Fiction and Fantasy stories. I believe in the human imagination, about how unlimited it is and its potential to create the future, and I’m investigating how fertile it is through these pieces.

 The Day the Earth Stood Still Medium Pen on Paper Size 29 x 42 cm

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Pen on Paper
29 x 42 cm
 Malfunction Medium Pen on Paper Size 29 x 42 cm

Pen on Paper
29 x 42 cm
 Deep Fake Medium Pen on Paper Size 29 x 42 cm

Deep Fake
Pen on Paper
29 x 42 cm
 The Eye Cloud Medium Pen on Paper Size 29 x 42 cm

The Eye Cloud
Pen on Paper
29 x 42 cm


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