Featured Artist | Maysum


Maysum | Hong Kong


Maysum, a renowned multi-media artist the first lipstick sculptor in Asia. Since 2012, her lipstick sculptors first exhibited, her artpieces are still in the tour to exhibit in Asia. In 2014, Maysum also being awarded by 《HudsonMOD Mag》as ‘TOP 100 Most Attention People & Things’. In 2017, her multi-media artpieces and lipstick sculptors were exhibited not only in Asia but also in Europe.In the same year, She was nominated as one of the artists the Fifth Asian Young Artists Nomination Exhibition.

Maysum created this inner child series, to remind us through many different imageries, that although we have grown up, our inner child has never once left us, it’s needs, the damages and deficiencies in our grown up environment,our emotion projection…these have always been a part of ourselves. And they have been waiting for us to discover them, comfort them, let them help you become a better person.

Cat’s Mandala-
Meowdala, with an aim to promote the philosophy of a cat’s life.

The over complications of the human world, stress, pressure…it is a suffocating environment that human lives in…So through art, she wants to find an exit for everyone to release those emotions. Through a series of Meowdala,for the audience to ponder… People do not need to always strive for perfection, nor the need to over-stress themselves with over considerations for others, although we may feel guilty thinking so, but as long as we are not doing harm to others…why not respect ourselves! Perhaps, if we learn to live more like a cat, we will learn to be truly happy.

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